Project Description

Welcome to our boat!

Nautica Marine offers you the chance to discover the beauty of the Cyclades in a truly unique manner.

Experience the Aegean Sea with elegance and style!

Embark on a stunning boat tour and uncover the extraordinary beauty of Mykonos and its neighboring islands.

Introducing the Fost Matrix – Louis Vuitton Edition, a luxurious 12-meter Rib Boat, available for both semi-private and private rental in Mykonos.

This high-performance luxury boat is designed for long-distance travel, providing ultra-smooth rides and excellent sea-keeping. It is built to handle any weather conditions with ease.

Featuring a newly designed dynamic hull and equipped with the latest Yamaha V6-300hp twin outboard engines, it ensures unrivaled comfort in all sea conditions.

With its spacious design and comfortable accommodations, this boat offers plenty of room for day trips, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience on the water.

Fost Matrix (Louis Vuitton Edition) Luxury boat for rent

The Popular Cruise

Mykonos South Coast-Delos-Rhenia

Private Daily Trips

  • Private day trip: Mykonos South Coast-Delos-Rhenia
    From: 12:00 pm-19:00 pm

  • Private Daily Trip: Paros-Antiparos Island-Panteronisia
    From: 10.00 am-18.00 pm or 12.00 pm- 20.00 pm (sunset included)

  • Private Daily Trip: Small Cyclades Islands, Koufonisia-Schinousa-Heraklia
    From: 10:00 am-18:00 pm or 12:00 pm-20:00 pm (sunset included)

  • Private Daily Trip: Tinos island
    From: 10:00 am-18:00 pm or 12:00 pm-20:00 pm (sunset included)

  • Private Daily Trip: Donousa-Koufonisia-Naxos Island
    From: 10:00 am-18:00 pm or 12:00 pm-20:00 pm (sunset included)

☆ All of our Cruise Programs and Services can be custom made to exclusively match your wishes and needs.

☆ All of our services include private van transportation from/to your hotel completely FREE.

☆ We can even arrange a pick up transportation from your location to our boats at any time (upon request).

Mediterranean Brunch on board

10:00 am-14:00 pm Private or Semi Cruise (up to ten guests + two crew members)

We offer a unique and memorable boat tour experience for every sea voyager both of high quality along with a complete food taste trip.
Our brunch option include platters of freshly baked goods (such as different types of bread, croissants), seasonal fruits and vegetables from local producers, honey, avocado toasts, boiled eggs with cherry tomatoes,
various pralines etc. We can adjust our menu according to your preferences (vegan options included) and food allergies (upon prior notice).

Semi Private Private Cruise
250 € / person 950 €
Price includes:
  • Certified Captain & Hostess

  • Mediterranean Brunch on board

  • FREE transportation from & back to your hotel.

  • FUEL

  • Unlimited consumption of soft drinks, Sparkling wine,beers

  • Wi-Fi on board

  • Snorkeling Equipment

  • All tax and rates

Upscale Apéro Riche on Board

14:30 pm-18:30 pm Private or Semi Cruise (up to ten persons plus two crew members)

Experience the delight of the Aegean Sea with our elegant Apéro Riche on Board. Delight in a selection of the sea’s finest offerings,
including freshly caught fish, sea urchin, ceviche, and premium oysters, each prepared to highlight their unique flavors.
Our menu is a tribute to the rich maritime heritage of the Aegean, ensuring a dining experience that complements the stunning sea views.
We cater to all dietary needs, including offering alternatives for those with specific preferences or allergies, to ensure everyone aboard enjoys a memorable and sophisticated culinary journey.

Semi Private Private Cruise
250 € / person 950 €
Price includes:
  • Certified Captain & Hostess

  • Upscale Apéro Riche

  • FREE transportation from & back to your hotel.

  • FUEL

  • Unlimited consumption of soft drinks, Sparkling wine,beers

  • Wi-Fi on board

  • Snorkeling Equipment

  • All tax and rates

Events on Board

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday with an unforgettable party on our luxury yachts.

Bachelor Party

Mark the transition to married life with an unforgettable bachelor party on the open sea.

Private parties

Upgrade your gatherings with a private party on our boat, offering a unique blend of exclusivity and scenic beauty.

Month of the honeymoon

Embark on a honeymoon cruise that promises calm waters and starry skies, creating the perfect setting for the start of your life together.

Beyond the facts highlighted, our journey together has much more in store. Your invaluable input helps us to improve our offerings, with the aim of standing out as the most unique and prestigious in the field of boat tours.

At Lifestyle Yachting, we celebrate the uniqueness of each client, reflecting the exclusivity of our services. Tailoring experiences to your personal preferences and requirements is seamless with the knowledge of our experienced team.

Join us for an experience full of uniqueness, warmth and unforgettable moments that only Lifestyle Yachting can provide!

Boat Transfer

Another practical and convenient way to get to your destination is our luxurious transfers to nearby islands of your choice.

Take your loved ones with you and get to your destination without having to worry about specific time- schedules or unprofessional pick up companies.

It is one of our exclusive services that can turn your transportation to another island into a lifetime experience. Available on both daytime and nighttime hours.

Discover the ultimate convenience with our exclusive private ride service from Mykonos to Santorini. Tailored for those who value privacy, speed, and personalized experiences, this premium option ensures you reach your destination in approximately 2.5 hours, all on your own terms. Available upon request, this service transforms your journey between these iconic islands into a seamless and memorable adventure. Whether you’re planning to travel by daylight or under the stars, we’ve got you covered, making every trip a unique experience tailored to your needs and preferences.

VIP Taxi Boat

Our VIP Sea Transfers offers you the most reliable, safe and unique way to get to all the magical beaches of Mykonos and the most famous Clubs, Restaurants (of your choice) with ease and style.

Chase Boat

Chase boats have become one of the latest must-have accessories for every superyacht owner.

A feature-packed RIB with clever ergonomics providing ample protection from the elements, the FOST MATRIX (LOUIS VUITTON EDITION) 12-meter is propelled by twin new Yamaha V6-300hp outboard engines. More than a day boat, the already ultra-luxurious Fost Matrix offers an abundance of customizations. It is the perfect partner to any yacht option, with a heightened sense of adventure. Not just a big and powerful chase boat, this 12m Fost Matrix can accommodate up to 12 people!

Speak to our team today about how we can help deliver the perfect CHASE BOAT for your requirements.